Love, when fulfilling, is a filling feeling

December 9, 2018

Loving you is like listening to Mina, I cannot explain it but I can feel it seethe into my soul. I feel the power it lends to my passion, I can feel it rise like an airy bubble sailing in the sky, fragile but elegant in its coat of rainbow- rising and rising till it reaches its crescendo, hoping to never burst, but bursting with excitement. I can feel everything, because my heart is in my skin, and my nerves now lord my cranium. I can only feel.

Loving you is like singing after Mina, I do not understand a word I say, but I sing with all my heart and all my voice. I feel I am saying everything because that is all I want to do. I feel like telling you everything you make me feel, without shame, without the glamour, without the orchestra, without the candles in a red-lit room. 

Loving you is filling. I want to just roll on my back on a lawn and ogle at the midnight sky and give off relentless smiles because the only thing I want to feel is what I feel right now. Loving you is filling, and I feel so good I want to fly. Loving you is fulfilling. 

Habeeb X

(They say you’re not really a poet till you’ve tried your hands on some love poems. Okay, noone said that. I’m just trying to see if I could write a good one, cos you know, been a while. And I like Mina, she makes you think about love and its problems or joys.) 

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