[Draft] My Life is Meaningful

February 9, 2020

I’ve got to say I don’t necessarily believe the world is vain. A general lamentation at death, especially one regarded as untimely, is that it is all vanity. It is often a reaction to loss and our inability to deal with endings. I am grateful for this ambit of time, that I, a speck in a moving blue, have to explore sated desires. And it is more reason why I think it is often ill-advised to spend your time pursuing life in fear, pursuing ambitions that are not the ticklers of your soul. The result of my life is my life well-lived, a judgement that only I have the power and knowledge to proclaim. You may lose things, objects, people, parts of your body, and perhaps sadly your memory, but you’ll never lose the power that the feeling of making your own path sprouts in you, albeit and conjunct all the influences that surround you. I am a moment in time and my life is meaningful.

to be continued.

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